House Rules

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Mon - Sun, 9am - 5.30pm
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House Rules

  1. The Event Liaison is the only official point of contact and is responsible for all things pertaining to the booking. He/She must be readily contactable throughout the booking either via call, WhatsApp or text.

  1. Please observe the “no footwear” policy and any other signs on the premise.

  1. Please treat all facilities with care. Any damaged or missing items will be subject to replacement fees according to the value of the item.

  1. Decorating the unit is allowed. However, do not use mounting tape, nails, glue or any form of adhesive that will cause permanent damage to surfaces when removed. Blu Tack is allowed. Please remove all decoration before leaving the unit. Any damaged surfaces may be subject to replacement or restoration fees.

  1. Please keep all activity within the unit. Prior approval for access to other areas of the building(e.g. BBQ Pit/ Gym / Roof Veranda) is required. If a complaint is lodged due to excessive noise, trespass or if the building security or authorities are involved, the deposit is liable to be forfeited.

  1. Please do not tamper with the switches or disconnect/connect equipment, otherwise restoration fees will apply accordingly. Kindly provide information about any other appliances to be deployed to pre-empt possible overload to the unit’s power supply.

  1. Shouting, screaming, excessively loud music, rowdy or violent behaviour is not allowed. Please keep your volume to a reasonable level (such as at a restaurant or bar).

  1. Smoking, use of shisha or e-cigarettes within the unit is strictly not allowed. If required, there is a cigarette bin located near the carpark lift unit. Kindly dispose of the cigarette butts responsibly as any damage or dirtying of the premise externally may be deductible from the deposit. Smoke detectors are located within the unit. In the event that the smoke detectors are triggered (which will activate the SCDF), the deposit may be forfeited due to noncompliance and any additional damages as a result will be liable for recovery.

  1. No sexual or illegal activity is allowed.

  1. The fridge available in the unit is only for the purpose of maintaining the temperature of cold items. Please do not refrigerate room temperature items, as they will not turn cold within the duration of your booking.

  2. Kindly leave the unit on time, unless prior arrangement has been made with us before the end of the event, or by 8:00pm from the start date of the booking, whichever is earlier.

  3. Informed Extensions are defined as extensions made latest before the end of the event, or by 8pm on the start date of the booking, whichever is earlier. Informed extensions will be charged at the standard per hour rate. Due to the scarcity of the venue, this may not be possible as there may be other scheduled uses for the venue.

  4. In the event of an Uninformed Extension, our representatives will attempt to contact the Event Liaison. If contactable and an extension is possible, the extension will be charged at 1.5x the standard per hour rate of the applicable bloc. Due to the scarcity of the venue, this may not be possible as there may be other scheduled uses for the venue.

  5. Unless approval is provided by Management, the following items are strictly not to be moved. Doing so may result in irreparable/critical damage to the integrity of the items due to improper handling and management reserves the right to engage an appointed qualified personnel to certify the safe and continued use of these items if moved or altered without permission.

a. Pool Table: $100

b. Foosball Table: $200

c. Bar Tables: $80

d. Raised Stage: $200

e. Any Electrical Devices: $100/device

  1. Unless prior approval is obtained, the following items are strictly not to be used for any other purpose than originally intended. Any movement or used for other purposes will affect the balancing and compromise the integrity of these fixtures and are liable to the following check-up charge by the service vendor and additional repair costs if damage is sustained in the movement of these items.

    a. Pool Table: $200

    b. Foosball Table: $100

  2. Please check that all doors are securely locked when leaving. Failure to do so may result in a $100 look-up fee if there is any disputed damages for the security team to thoroughly verify the CCTV records. In the event of theft or a break in due to access being left open, additional damages incurred will also be recoverable.

  3. Kindly check that all your belongings have been collected. Management is not responsible for any loss or damages sustained as a result of the booking of the event space.

  4. On top of the Basic Cleaning, the following housekeeping is required before leaving:

    - No heavy stains(This is defined as not being able to be wiped or moped  completely in 1 pass)
    No lasting damage / odor left in the unit and on its furnishings if left on or with its removal.
    Rubbish is bagged, tied and disposed of in the main chute area ~10m from the right of the main door. We advise rolling the bin over to avoid leakage along the way.
    Returning any moved furniture to their original positions.
    In the event that the floor is dirty due to crumbs from food, spillage of liquid, vomit, food, mud, dirt or any other debris, kindly wipe it up.
    Ensure all lights, power points, water points and the air conditioners are off before leaving. The following charges are applicable: $20 /switch left on, $30 /air con left on, $150 / water point left on.
    Note: Switches marked “DO NOT SWITCH OFF” should not be turned off.

  5. Management reserves the right to tack on an additional heavy duty cleaning charge when necessary to return the unit to its default condition. Some common examples where this maybe required are as follows:

    - Use of footwear within the premise
    - Use of confetti

    - Stains on Fabric/Upholstery
    - Deodorising

  6. In lieu of the constant changes in the COVID19 Guidelines, all parties understand that the onus is on the Client to clarify and enforce the current regulations. If unclear, the Client is advised to seek clarification directly from the relevant authorities as per the nature of their event and the regulations that apply to it. The client can also seek clarification from Management if unclear. Management can provide SMM(Safe Management Measures) expertise and SMO(Safety Management Officer) upon request from the client. If unrequested for, the SMO and SMM falls under the Client’s responsibility.